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Newsletters Collaborative Partnerships for Strengthening TVET
Reports Tourism Sector Study 2023
Reports Construction Sector Study 2023
Reports Cosmeceuticals Sector Study
Newsletters WorldSkills: A Key Driver for Skills Development
Reports Tracer Study Report 2022-2023
Reports Civil Aviation Sector Study
Reports Incompleters Tracer Impact Study
Newsletters A HEARTy, Inclusive, Equitable and Quality TVET...
Reports Annual Training Report 2021-22
Newsletters Quality Apprenticeships
Reports Cultural and Creative Industries Study
Reports Automotive Sector Study
Newsletters A HEARTY Response to the Global Crisis
Newsletters Newsletter - Post Covid-19 Employability Skills
Reports Tourism Skills Satisfaction Survey
Reports Tracer Study Survey 2021-22
Reports Skills In Demand Survey 2020- 2021
Reports Manufacturing Sector Study 2021
Reports Renewable Energy Sector Study 2021
Newsletters COVID 19: Impact on Work-Based Learning
Reports Annual Training Statistical Report (2020/2021)
Reports Attrition Study (2019-20 Cohort)
Newsletters Centers of Excellence: Reforming Technical and Voc
Reports Agriculture Sector Study 2021
Reports Health Sector Study - Allied Health
Reports Tracer Study 2021
Reports Automation Sector Study
Reports Telecommunications Sector Study (December 2020)
Reports Tourism Sector Study (September 2020)
Reports Annual Training Statistical Report 2019-2020 v1.0
Reports Annual Training Statistical Report 2018-2019 v1.0
Reports Annual Training Report 2017-2018
Newsletters What's NEXT After COVID-19?
Reports Animation Impact Study
Reports Tracer Study 2020- Institutions and CTIs
Reports Nutraceutical Sector Study 2020
Reports Sport Sector Study 2020
Reports Artificial Intelligence Sector Study 2019
Reports Climate Change Sector Study-December 2019
Reports Recycling & Waste Management Sector Report 2019
Reports SLTOP/Apprenticeship Impact Study
Reports Tracer Study Report 2019
Reports Industrial Maintenance Sector Study
Reports Logistics Sector Study 2019
Newsletters Mining and Quarrying Industry Newsletter 2019
Reports Digital Marketing Sector Study
Newsletters Youth Entrepreneurship Newsletter December 2018
Reports Mining and Quarrying Sector Study 2018
Reports Creative Industry Study 2013
Brochures The Labour Market Information Portal 2015
Reports Jamaica Energy Sector Study 2015
Newsletters BMP Newsletter June 2017
Reports Business Process Management Study (2017)
Reports Annual Training Report 2016-2017
Reports Skills Demand Survey 2017-2018
Newsletters Employability Skills Newsletter 2018
Newsletters New and Emerging Occupational Areas 2018
Newsletters Agribusiness 2018
Reports Construction Industry Study 2018
Newsletters Automation Industry 2017
Reports Financial Services Industry Study 2018
Newsletters Creative Industry 2017
Reports HEART Institution Tracer Study - 2018
Reports Beauty Services Industry Study 2017
Reports AgriBusiness Study 2017
Newsletters Automation: The Paradigm Shift
Newsletters BPM 2017
Reports Business Process Management Sector Study 2017
Reports Creative Industry Study 2017
Newsletters Private Security: Securing Lives and Asset (2017)
Reports Annual Training Report 2015-16
Reports Annual Training Report 2014-15
Reports HEART Institution Tracer Study - 2017
Newsletters Global Tourism & Travel Market Newsletter 2016
Reports Private Security Sector Study 2017
Newsletters Bridging The Skills Gap 2016
Reports Tourism Sector Study 2016
Reports Hotels & Restaurants Services Sector Study 2015
Newsletters The Future of Work 2015
Newsletters Labour Market Research Day 2016
Reports Garment Construction Industry Sector Study 2016
Reports Annual Training Report 2013-14
Reports Jamaica Energy Sector Study 2015
Reports Sport Sector Study 2015
Reports Gaming Industry Study 2014
Reports Loss Adjustment Sector Study 2015
Newsletters TVET: A Mechanism For Economic Development 2015
Reports Automotive Sector Study 2015
Brochures The Labour Market Information Portal
Presentations Labour Market Research Insight 2015
Presentations Labour Market Outlook 2015
Newsletters Mining Our Way to a Trained Labour Force 2014
Newsletters Jamaica – at the HEART of a Logistics Hub 2013
Newsletters Bridging the Gap: Skills Supply and Demand 2013
Newsletters The Animation Industry 2014
Newsletters In Flight – The Jamaican Aviation Industry 2014
Reports Tracer Study of 2012-13 Beneficiaries (2015)
Reports Tracer Study of 2011-12 Beneficiaries (2014)
Reports Maritime Industry Study 2013
Reports Nutraceuticals Sector Study 2014
Reports Mining & Quarrying Sector Study 2014
Reports Manufacturing Sector Study 2014
Reports Business Processing Outsourcing Industry 2014
Reports Aviation Sector Study 2013
Reports Animation Sector Study 2013
Reports Annual Training Report 2012-2013


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