Labour Market Information Portal

The Labour Market Information Portal (LMIP) is a one-stop area where up-to-date labour Market Information is accessible to enable users to understand labour supply and demand trends. The Portal provides critical data and information about the population, labour force, employment, unemployment, education, training and other related data, which are expected to contribute in achieving a more efficient labour market. 


Importance of the LMIP

The main objective of the establishment of a LMIP is to provide Labour Market Intelligence to assist users in:

  • Identifying current and anticipated jobs and skills gap
  • Help training providers align training programs with labour market needs  
  • Helping individuals to make decisions about their career development
  • Making decisions about upgrading employees’ skills
  • Accessing information on skills available on the labour market


Users of the LMIP

The main users of the LMIP are:

  • Policy Makers
  • Employers
  • Educators/Trainers
  • Career/Guidance Counsellors
  • Programme/Curriculum Developers
  • Employees
  • Students
  • Potential Students


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

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